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Good News : Get Clinical Training/Attachment in Dubai to Compensate Gap in Practice


Health Professionals with a break in practice after receiving the eligibility from the respective authority can undergo Clinical training to revisit and refresh their skills and knowledge.

The following category of professionals can undergo Clinical Attachment or Training

a. New graduates

b. Healthcare Professionals who require additional experience to apply for DHA license

c. Licensed Healthcare professionals with a break or discontinuity of practiced.

d. DHA exam cleared Health Professionals who could not attain an employment in 2 yrs

Advanced Clinical Training 


The minimum training/attachment period is 2 weeks and the maximum is 12 weeks in a year.


  • Application Processing charges  – 260 AED  
  • Clinical Attachment/placement Training – 75 AED per working day

Follow the steps below to apply for Clinical Attachment / Work Placement at DHA:  

  1. Register with Meducation.ae 
    1. Create account with meducation.ae (Click here for registration).
    2. Activate your account using the security code sent to your email.
    3. Login with your account at meducation.ae.
    4. Update your profile information with a profile picture and by adding your Qualifications, Experience (add proofing documents if applicable.)
    5. Add personal documents needed for Clinical attachment to the profile as below:
      1. Updated CV.
      2. Good Standing Certificate/Police Clearance Certificate:
        1. If you are a student, provide updated letter “To Whom It May Concern” from your University.
        2. If you are an employee, provide updated letter “To Whom It May Concern” from your Employer.
        3. Other wise, provide updated “Police Clearance Certificate” from relevant Ministry of Interior Agency /Police Department/Equivalent.
      3. Passport copy.
      4. Visa copy: illustrates that the applicant has permission to stay in the UAE for the duration of the clinical attachment / work placement.
  2. Fill Clinical Attachment / Work Placement e-request form 

Dental Internship Program

DHA provides an internship program for Dental Professionals every year. The announcement and registration for the program is posted on DHA website. Dental Internship is available for all nationalities with the priority for UAE nationals, GCC nationals.

Application Process: 

Step 1: Applications are required to be submitted at https://www.dha.gov.ae/en/Pages/DHAHome.aspx with the following requirements: 

  • Updated Curriculum Vitae. 
  • BDS/DDS Certificate with Transcript – Copy. 
  • Passport Copy.
  • Emirates ID Copy.  
  • UAE Registration Copy (Khulasat-El-Qaid / Marsoom of Current Year) for UAE nationals.  

Step 2: Shortlisting based on candidate’s Bachelor’s degree grade (Score / Percentage).  

Step 3: Selected candidates will be contacted to complete the Internship Recruitment Process as per Dubai Health Authority routine.  

This program begins roughly in November every year.

According to some sources, you can compensate the Gap of practice by attending some CME programs also and submitting them to compansate for the lost period of practice instead of attending a training program. These requirements will vary with every emirate and the best source of correct and reliable information is always the helpline of the respective health authority of the emirate.

Here are the links to the Health Authorities in UAE:

Visit these website’s and find the Contact us section. Write to them asking the requirement in the respective emirate for training or CME points. You will mostly get a response call or email confirming your query and about ticket generated for Customer service. Follow up calls or mails will be received regarding the training requirement and you will have the correct information to proceed accordingly.

If the Emirate Health Authority informs you that CME points are enough instead of training to maintain your eligibility, then we have curated a list of international CME providers where you can get certificates and attend programs for FREE. Check out How to Earn CME points online !

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Source : eDental

Author: Faiz MT
Founder - One Dentistry

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Join the Exclusive Dentists' Community! Expand your network and get to know new doctors!