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I am passionate towards new things; the ‘out of the box’ ideas. This time I am on a mission to create opportunities. Opportunities for my fellow dentist all over India.

Now a days we have many negative stories of dentist changing profession because of lack of scope. But I strongly believe that there is immense scope in dentistry.

Dental clinic is a team work where a principle dentist needs associate dentist as well as specialist for specific case. There is a lot of existing opportunity. The need of an hour is to organise this sector of jobs and consultation in dentistry.

Coming back to my story, I am Dr Nomal Sheth, MDS in Endodontics and Conservative dentistry. One day I was sitting idle and thinking about my last few years, ‘how I struggled to get consultation in a new place after marriage’. I was just wondering how I moved from one clinic to another in 2014 with my visiting card so as to get consultations. The flow of my thoughts started taking a bigger picture and I was thinking that this might be a story of every specialist. Also I started my first clinic in 2008 in Nagpur when I was just a fresher and I didn’t know anyone when I wanted a specialist for my clinic. So I started looking at both sides of the coin. As a specialist you don’t know which clinician is looking for consultant in your location. On the other side of coin, clinician doesn’t know which specialists are available in their area. This made me think that it would be so easy if there is a directory with names of all available specialists in specific location. I thought to create such booklet and provide it to all dentist I know. Now the question was that how to do it. I have my start-up in an incubator in Mumbai. So I decided to share my idea with those start-up guys. They advised me that I should first find the scope of the idea and find out whether there is a need for such diary! Secondly they said that it’s a digital world, and a booklet would not work here. I should create a search engine where anyone can search specialist from any location all over India. So I decided to undergo a survey asking about the need for such website. Surprisingly I got an overwhelming response and people were eager to use such platform. Then I took help from the incubator and designed a website by the name dentaljoint.com

Being a dentist I had no idea about IT and website designing. So I created a team from my incubator. Those were Engineers and IT Students. I used to sit for hours with them to know insight of website and search engine designing. I did content writing for the website rather that appointing a content writer because it’s my baby so I can explain it the best. After all these efforts I came up with the website www.dentaljoint.com launched on 28th February 2019

Dental Joint is on a mission to connect clinicians with consultants so as to create job opportunities for specialist all over India. Currently popular way to find a consultant is either social media or through word of mouth. Dental Joint is a combination of both.

Dental Joint provides the profile of consultants as per the specialty and location. These profiles have features like contact details, experience, testimonial and rating of the specialist. Based on these one can decide the appropriate consultant. In this way clinician can save their time and efforts.

Currently Dental Joint has 255 enrolled specialists from 46 cities all over India and 7,541 users in one year.

My vision is to create maximum work opportunities for general as well as specialist dentist by listing them online. Also currently I am working on ground level to make this platform available for graduate dentist who are looking for work opportunity as visiting or job as associate dentist.

My passion is on mission to make a difference in the world ‘I live’. Let us see where my passion takes me and how far I can help others achieve their goals.

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    Author: Dr Nomal Shah
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    Join the Exclusive Dentists' Community! Expand your network and get to know new doctors!