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An Insight to GCC Dentist Exam Preparations


Preparing for GCC Exams is a very confusing process. It is hard to get the right guidance from anywhere. We formed our Jobhunters GCC WhatsApp grps in that intension. Here are some points to understand about the GCC exams:

One of the Major issues of this exam is that, the examination details are never released. Neither the questions and answers nor your score is published. You will only get you know if you passed or failed.

Because of this, we cannot know how many questions we attempted were the right answer. And we cannot assess our strength in the subject.

As the question and answers are not released, our only source is the memory of the candidates who attended the exams. And not everyone shares it because, we sign a non disclosure agreement before the exams. This is the reason why the Question Banks and Sample question papers that’s available in the market will have vague questions and approximate answers. Learning from these collections is difficult and incomplete. But that is the only source we have. (Huge respects to the doctors who share the questions they attempted)

Here comes the importance of your theoretical knowledge. You read a question, you know which part of the books these questions are from. Revise the theory and find your answer. Never follow the answers in the books. If they match, well and good. If they don’t, find out who is wrong. This is how you strengthen your theory and succeed this examination. When you understand the theory, you will be able to answer a 1000 twisted questions from that topic. But memorizing a 1000 question and answers will not do the same benefit.

– How many questions should I cover ? This is a common question candidates ask.

It does not matter. How much of the theory you cover with each question is what matters

– How can I learn the whole theory again ? Common follow up question! Good news. You don’t have to. Read the questions in your sample papers and question banks. Find the theory behind it. Understand and find your answer. Compare and go forward to the next question. In this way, you’re learning the mcq based theory only. This is a slow process initially. But in sometime, you will see that you know the answers of most of the new questions your attempting because you know it’s theory from another similar question you did before.

“Study a 1000 questions with theory and your chances to clear these exams are 10 times better than by hearting the answers of 5000 questions.”

– I’m good at by-hearting/memorizing mcqs. Should I go that way or still work on my theory.

Well, the best way to answer that is to point towards these scenarios,

1. A Same question with a different set of options will confuse use without the back up of theory

2. A very similar question with a potentially different answer with a Same set of options will also confuse you without the back up of theory

Final Question, what’s my chances if I know the theory very well.

Well, it’s much better than not knowing the theory, but it’s still 50:50. Because, mcqs are almost always confusing, and the more you read the same question more confused you will get. This increase a chance of error, so read the question once thoroughly and go with your strongest instinct.

Also know that your knowledge of theory is tested here. You may clear it or may not. But the fact that you’re still an amazing doctor does not change. The problem with testing some ones theoretical knowledge is that, depending on the location of your education, the school of thoughts may differ. And the question you will face will be based on the school of thought the examiner follows. Hence the luck factor plays a role here. But this will be just a very small number of questions.

This article is based on the common repeated queries we receive in our D1 Social Circles. You can read more articles related to GCC exams and dentistry in our Guidance Category of Magazine

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Author: Faiz MT
Founder - One Dentistry

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