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Tips to get a picture perfect smile this wedding season


Weddings mark the beginning of a new chapter in bride and the groom’s life. It holds a very special day in a girl’s life and she wants it to be nothing else but Perfect.

Apart from all the other arrangements from decor to the attire, the most important and memorable one is the pictures. We invest so much to get the best photographers. But are we picture ready?

Pictures play an important role in weddings & so does the smile.

Here are a few tips to get that pearly white picture perfect smile.


1. Check

Stand in front of the mirror & try to get the best posture & smile that you can admire.

Try tilting your face a bit to get that perfect angle. You can use your smartphone to take some selfies & get that perfect look.

Try to show 8 teeth to get that perfect smile.

If you find your teeth have become yellowish with age, visit your favorite dentist for teeth whitening.  Get your teeth & gums checked for other flaws. These days white teeth and pink gums are easy to achieve with a basic laser procedure.

Other problems like chipped teeth or cavities can be cleared in a sitting or two.


2. Maintain

Now that you got your teeth cleaned & whitened, make sure that you do brushing twice & flossing to maintain those white pearls. You may take home whitening kits to enhance or get some touch up done before your big day.

Avoid taking colored food or drinks as that may again discolor your teeth. Too much of tea and coffee may cause darkening of the teeth.

Sip lots of water to keep them shiny and bright.

You may chew sugarless gums to increase the salivary flow which helps to keep your teeth hydrated.


3. Enhance

Be confident & natural when you smile. A confident smile looks more attractive & appealing.

Smile with your eyes.

Ladies, don’t forget to use a dark lip shade as it makes teeth look whiter & brighter.

You can glam up your smile by adding a sparkling dental jewel, matching with your attire. These Swarovski crystals can easily be placed on the teeth without any pain or effecting the integrity of the teeth.

And don’t forget, it takes just seventeen muscles to smile while 43 to frown. So leave the stress and keep that Smile On.

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    Author: Dr Surabhi
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    Join the Exclusive Dentists' Community! Expand your network and get to know new doctors!