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The Mighty Hand Piece


I am a dentist who live in a village where people and I do services with love and care. I am penning down this article to share an unforgettable real life incident that happened in my life.

One fine day after doing my usual consultations, I was having coffee in my clinic. A person suddenly came into my clinic. He was looking sad and panicked. He was breathing heavily. I asked him:

Sir, what is the matter?

He said his loving pet, an African Love Bird, accidentally got an aluminum ring stuck on its leg and it is in pain.
I told him he should be seeing a veterinary doctor.
He sat down and explained then, how a veterinary doctor had already tried and the risk of taking the ring without fracturing that poor bird’s legs is high. He then said that it was the Vet who advised to come and meet me.
I asked him to get the bird, I was not sure what I’ll do, but I decided to help anyways.

He came back with the bird.
The poor little thing was shivering with pain or maybe fear.
The ring was very rigid and very close to the leg. It won’t be easy, I said to myself. I took out the orthodontic pliers and tried cutting the ring carefully. The ring was too strong, and I couldn’t use too much pressure.

Then suddenly is struck me, We cut the strongest substance in human body, enamel and even metal alloy crowns with our Airotors. I went and grabbed my Airotor hand piece, loaded a coarse straight bur and started cutting the ring from one side. I also slid in a plastic filling instrument beneath the ring to protect the bird’s leg from the bur.
I took half an hour to carefully cut through the ring. The bird had a little wound from the tightly bound ring. I clean the ground with some surgical spirit and dressed it with some cotton and betadine solution. My heart was content. I was glad i took up this case.

After a little while, the bird started becoming active and tip toeing around. The happiness in that man’s face made me feel I’m in a noble profession. He asked how much is my fee and I gave him a smile. I gave a little hug to the baby bird with my index finger. Some happiness cannot be bought, it’s earned.

1 week later the man contacted me over phone and told me that his bird and completely recovered. I smiled in happiness and looked at my Mighty Hand Piece. A sudden light reflected from the dental diamond bur, sparkling in my eyes.

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Author: Subhash1
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Join the Exclusive Dentists' Community! Expand your network and get to know new doctors!